This Wine Enthusiast link offers a small distillation unit for distilling the volatiles from wine or beer.  Your next shot of brandy is only minutes away.  Of course, the distillate may be flammable, so I’d be careful with that burner.

Check out the Museum of Lost Wonder. Pretty wild.  Then, there is the day that they foamed the fountain of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.  If you’re keen on learning the top 10 prejudices Germans have about the USA, check out this blog.  Hard to argue with it’s accuracy.  Had a nagging urge to hop in a submarine and go for a dive?  Check out U-Boat Worx. The specs say that it is limited to 50 meters depth.  I wonder what the crush depth is- 150 meters? I’d imagine that the seals would fail first and the thing would flood before it imploded.