The buzz has begun for the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Over at ChemBark a list of fields and potential awardees is presented.  Odds are offered.  It is interesting to ponder.  In case you were wondering, the identities of the awards committee for 2007 is actually published.

When the committee calls for my opinion, I’ll have to set ’em straight.  First I’ll scold a bit about the snub of some early workers in asymmetic synthesis and how they were overlooked in 2001. People like Henri Kagan for C2 symmetric ligands among other things and Kurt Mislow for basic contributions to stereochemistry.  The guys who won in 2001 were deserving, but the omission of Kagan and Mislow is a shame.

I would like to see some organometallikkers like Suzuki, Heck, and Sonogashira get the recognition for their contributions to coupling chemistry, but I’m not sure it is a Nobel Prize body work.  I would prefer to see Bergman , Whitesides , or Harry Gray get the trip to Sweden for their fundamental contributions to organometallic and bioinorganic mechanism work. 

There is my free advice to the commitee.