The Google Patent Search tool seems to be rather useful for some kinds of patent search activity. I had been using SciFinder or other search tools to find patent numbers that I would then enter into to get a single download file copy of the patent. The reason for going to pat2pdf was that it would combine the individual pages of the patent  from the USPTO and download a single combined pdf document of the patent. The Google search tool does this and more.

Our patent office seems to have failed to catch on to the fact that users would prefer not to download patents 1 page per file. Maybe the USPTO has changed this recently or has an upgrade in process. I don’t know.

Among the nice features, it provides links to citation and reference patents. It also provides links to the US classification designations listed in the patent. The default page seems to include the claims and with the click of a button the user can pull up the description or abstract. It also provides a link to download a pdf of the patent or a direct link to the USPTO.  A person can scan a patent without having to download a pdf.

I would say that Google has a handy search tool for at least fairly superficial work.