Ever notice how the seats in the gate waiting areas at the airport usually have arm rests next to every position? There is a reason for that. The Blog Architectures of Control, Design with Intent is devoted to the design of artifacts in our public spaces that encourage or discourage certain kinds of use. 

The use of the apostrophe is detailed in this site. According to author, yours truly could be an actual moron.

Concerned that the government isn’t adequately monitoring schizophrenics?

I knew that Leonard Euler had a number, but I didn’t know he had a disk too.

Looking for something new in the Vampire genre? Try “the Nymphos of Rocky Flats“. The adventures of Felix Gomez, Vampire and PI.  So far, friends who spent their careers at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver have been strangely neutral on the book. I smell conspiracy.