Platinum prices opened friday morning, 1/24/08, on the EIB at US$1665/toz, up $71/toz from the previous day.  News of mine flooding in South Africa and power outages due to 210 mm of rain have kicked prices of Pt up and the stock price of Anglo Platinum dropped a reported 7.58 %.  AngloPlat says that the Amandelbult mine is operating at 25 % capacity and expects to be back on line in 9-12 weeks. The shortfall in Y2008 production from this mine is estimated to be 50,000 to 70,000 toz.

Ruthenium has been floating in a price trough recently. Friday, 24 Jan. 2008,  it opened at US$420/toz on the EIB

Last week was a busy week for gold. The week opened at US$873.38/toz and by friday the opening price was US$920.46/toz.