There has been considerable buzz lately that the launch and deployment of USA 193 has somehow gone terribly wrong. Reports say that the package failed to deploy properly and it is presently in a rapidly decaying orbit that will bring it back into the atmosphere for an uncontrolled re-entry.

A credible source from our base in Shangrila tells Th’ Gaussling that something will re-enter the atmosphere soon, but it won’t be USA 193.  A decaying satellite of some sort is coming down and certain parties are anxious to blast it to pieces.  This episode may be just a bit of sleight of hand to confuse intelligence gathering organizations as to what is really up there. A three card Monte, but with rockets.

There may be some real worry about tell-tale bits of apparatus landing in an unfriendly state.  There may be worry about fuel vessels landing intact and providing a toxic hazard at the impact site.  The (methyl)hydrazine in the fuel cell may be frozen and consequently the fuel cell may not absorb heat fast enough in short re-entry time to flash off and disperse the fuel. Re-entry doesn’t char everything to cinders.

A missile intercept with the satellite may be a preventative measure, an exercise for missileers, a counterintelligence exercise, or it may be a signal to a few frisky states out there who doubt our capability and resolve. Let’s hope we’re spared the embarrassment of a miss.