On CNN this morning I happened to see a story on mortgage defaults in the Atlanta area. As the reporter spoke of the 7,000 evictions scheduled for February in Atlanta, we watched two police officers enter a house with service revolvers drawn.

No doubt there is a backstory to this particular event. All states have extensive statutes covering the resolution of landlord/tenant disputes. The statutes governing lender/mortgagee disputes is certainly full of delays in consideration of due process as well. So, the scene of the State storming into a home- through the agency of the police- is at the end of a procedural chain of events leading to forcible eviction.

But you have to ask the question- Is this heavy handed treatment of mortgagees necessary?  Are the police storming into homes with firearms drawn routinely? Maybe the mortgage lenders should be forced to go into the home and do it themselves? Maybe we should herd a pack of mortgage brokers door-to-door to do the dirty work.  This includes the industry finance geniuses and their pencil-necked B-School professors .

Evicting deadbeats is one thing.  I have done this distasteful job myself sometime back when I was stupid enough to have a rental property. It’s disturbing and ugly at the very best. But to have this finance fiasco end in such a way is a disgrace and the ethical-midgets and business cretins who devised and executed this negligent finance scheme need to see, taste, and smell the trouble they initiated. They should be dragged out of their office suites, tarred and feathered, and run out of the business community, or at least tatooed with a big red I for Imbecile on their foreheads and banned from finance for life. 

The borrowers who signed their names to such instruments should be forced to take a remedial math class where they must demonstrate a knowledge of compound interest. Exponents, people! Exponents!