The eclipsed moon finally made itself visible only minutes from totality this evening. Through the gauzy haze the lopsided apparition loomed in the eastern sky. We pointed the 18 ” telescope at it, but with its narrow field of view we could only gaze at part of the moon at a time. With the haze and the low contrast, only washed out moonscape was visible. An eclipsed moon is best witnessed with the naked eye or from binoculars.

We found Mars and Saturn in open patches of the sky. Saturn was sharper than I’ve seen it in while. The rings and planet in sharp relief against the black velvet background. Titan and a few other moons were to be seen as well. 

A line of visitors queue around the dome and down the stairs to see the planets and M42, the Great Nebula of Orion.  We’re lucky this evening. The clouds parted and the wondrous sky was made visible.