So, dear reader. If you were going to design a general/multi-purpose chemical plant capable of doing a wide variety of chemical transformations, what kind of features would you install now that you’ve had some experience in the field? No high pressure vessels, just ambient to 80 or 100 psi. I’m talking about a plant with 50 to 2000 gallon reactors- say, 8 of them. What kind of configurations would be desirable starting from the ground up?

No GMP capacity- too bloody expensive. We don’t want to do API’s.  No gas phase chemistry. No scary oxidation chemistry or energetic materials.  Just the kind of garden variety specialty organic or inorganic compounds and transformations that you might find in the Aldrich catalog.  Synthons, reagents, etc.

One interesting thing to ponder are possibilities with the use of passive architectural features to attenuate the propagation of upset or emergency conditions.