A pet peeve I have with my some fellow adult co-workers is their bad habit of excessive cc’ing people on emails. The most pernicious version of this is an email where a list of grievances is sent around with the conspicuous presence of some upper level manager carbon copied, or worse, blind copied.

This habit is a transparent kind of tattle-tale leverage used in the art of persuasion. Once someone has “publically” complained to upper level folks, everyone else has no choice but to opt for CYA.  It is like a nulcear weapon- once released, it knocks everyone down. I refer to these situations as “going nuclear”.

People feel that they have to respond in kind.  One email escalates to many. Soon, there is a flurry of emails clogging the inboxes of those trapped in this fetid tidal pool. Eventually, the tempest dies down leaving the boss wondering about the judgement and temperament of the staff. 

The worst kind of cc is the bc, or blind copy. This method is favored by practitioners of the dark arts. It is a truly reprehensible practice and people who do it should be hunted down like the rabid  curs they are and tarred and feathered. Neutered, maybe.