14 March, 2008. As the deepening US gravity well continues to tug at the recession asteriod that is looming ever larger in the sky, we see a steady line of investors boarding Platinum Group Metal (PGM) investment vehicles for immediate launch off this doomed planet. 

Monday and friday opening EIB prices over the week of 3/10/08 thru 3/14/08.

Silver–  US$19.70/toz;  US$20.77/toz.

Gold–  US$971.55/toz;  US$1,0005.86/toz

Palladium–  US$470.00/toz;  US$516.00/toz

Platinum–  US$1,960.00/toz;  US$2,110.00/toz

The geology of PGM deposits is quite interesting. There are numerous resources detailing the Bushveld Igneous Province (or Complex) in South Africa. Check it out.