No rest for the wicked. I have been requested and required by the boss to attend the ACS meeting in NOLA.  Lots to get done before departure.  I’ll have to get my liver conditioned for a visit to the French Quarter.

I have been using the thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) for fun and profit lately. It is quite useful in solving certain kinds of problems in process development.  Of course, if we attached a chain it might make a dandy boat anchor too.  Just kidding … mostly.

Lots of chemistry is presently under development in the USA. It is premature to concede the future of technology development to Asia just yet.  There are lots of companies struggling to get their new technologies to market- I see this every day. This is in stark contrast to news of the tragic comedy on Wall Street. It is important to remember that the stock market is only one of many indicators of economic vitality.  It seems to me that the current maelstrom is based on negligent banking practices, not industrial weakness.

Back to the hood. Gotta ice the trap on the vac line.