LinkTV has been running a documentary called The Corporation. I find it rather thought provoking and would recommend it to others.

The quote that sticks with me is from a business ethics seminar I took. Our prof said “sometimes it is dumb to be too smart” in business.  Witness the pesent banking disaster.  Some of our B-school geniuses have devised instruments of finance that are so convoluted and complex that the mechanism and magnitude of failure was not widely appreciated.

What has always puzzled me is that conservatives who profess open scorn and distrust of big government are somehow able to accept the privatized power of big business.  Big government extracts the wealth of our labor and disperses it in ways that are not economically efficient. But at least there are constitutional means of remedy.  If you do not like the way a business operates, you are free to quit buying their widgets.

Big business extracts wealth from labor and resources and disperses it to shareholders.  Government pays for national infrastructure to support business activity and business practices tax avoidance. Government has gotten too big and business has learned to game the tax system.  Taxpayers are left to subsidize both big government and corporate welfare.  The system is wildly out of balance.

The essence of power is in the ability to allocate resources. Governments and businesses are centralized organizations that have large resources to allocate. Consumers are dispersed and disorganized units that have microscopic resources to allocate.  The consumers biggest leverage is the ability to make politicians fearful with respect to their re-election prospects.