Here is an interesting analysis of solar min/max data. I can’t vouch for the kind of analysis that was performed. But it is interesting to see. The effects of variations in the solar flux on global temperatures seems to be neglected in discussions I run into. Among other things, these folks suggest that a lesser known 66 year solar cycle may come into play.

One commentor in a previous post suggested that we are approaching the end of the current interglacial period. He said that recent interglacial periods were characterized by polar cap melting followed by entry into the glacial side of the cycle.

Even if the solar output was constant, the interplay of the ocean heat reservoir with the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, vulcanism, asteroids, and the earth’s albedo is complex enough.  Heap on top of that the subtle thermal modulation by the sun and you have a really complex problem.

Global warming could reduce to an equation where one of the components of the sum derives from anthropogenic greenhouse emissions. 

I keep having this thought that Al Gore is eventually going to have a long talk with Tipper about returning the medal to Sweden.