Spent a good deal of  time in the INORG section talks. The Cotton Symposium talks have brought many friends and alumni of the Cotton Experience. Tobin Marks kicked off the symposium this morning with his usual overwhelming flood of results. Listening to a Marks talk is like trying to sip from a fire hose.  What always impresses me about the talks by Marks, Bergman, et al., is the large amount of kinetic and thermodynamic data presented to support the proposed mechanisms. 

The talk on the functional mobility of ribosomes by Yonath was just amazing. The Yonath group has been able to use heteropolymetallates to aid in the understanding of the conformational changes in the mechanism of transfer RNA mobility across the ribosome. 

My background did not include kinetic studies and I have always regretted this. The path to understanding is with kinetics and thermodynamics experiments, not just a simple report of yields and conditions. Once before they bury me, I want to do this.

The Kipping Symposium Honoring T. Don Tilly offered some interesting talks as well. Gelest  had a sponsoring role in this symposium.