It is interesting how people can adhere to abstract doctrines while reality rages all around them.  In particular, I am thinking of a recent “conversation” with an economist friend. A fundamentalist libertarian, he steadfastly refuses any hint of pragmatism in favor of his utopian idealology promoted by certain Austrian economists.

To the economist, anthing that smells like collectivism of any sort is deemed an automatic throwback to the failed ideals of Marx. It’s all about the individual and his property. Nevermind that any anthropologist will observe that people spontaneously form groups and associations to lessen risks and burdens associated with survival. 

Harm comes to people and society when those with a power position advocate for abstract doctrines over the welfare of citizens.  Notions of political structure, reproductive issues, qualification for acceptance into an after-life, or slavery are all sacred abstractions on which people have taken stands and many have killed or been killed for.

How many people have needlessly died because of the squeemishness of celebate men with the idea of condoms? How much destruction was released in Southeast Asia due to the opposed idealogies of Marxism and Capitalism?

Today, Americans face continued endurance of a broken health care system because certain vocal idealogues profess doubts over “Socialized Medicine”? American health care is already socialized to some extent. But in a way that favors the flow of cash to the coffers of corporate medical providers and insurers. Why do you think Warren Buffett is so enthusiastic about owning insurance companies?  You get paid up front. Surely there are other health care models out there that we can emulate.