I find myself conflicted about certain aspects of the recent raid on the Fundamentalist Mormon  compound in Texas.  The news reports say that 416 children have been taken into police custody.  Parents and lawyers have been matched up to deal with the gigantic mess that this has caused.

I am not an advocate of polygamy and I am certainly no supporter of Mormonism.  It seems to me that in all of the bizarre theology of Mormonism, the idea of Mormon polygamy isn’t a very large leap of strangeness from its core concepts.  But I digress.

What is outrageous about this event is that 416 children were taken from their home and parents and are being kept by the state of Texas, all on an anonymous phone call.  The accuracy and veracity of the caller may be spot on. But there is such a thing as due process.  The spectacle of a massive police raid resulting in the detention of children, even on clannish wingnuts like this group, should give a chill to all citizens.  The state is exceeding its bounds unreasonably. Strike that. I think that the State officials just do not know what they are doing.

Never attribute to malice what you can first explain by incompetence.

There may very well be a complete absence of resources or protocol for this circumstance. So, the Texas state legislature needs to meet to contrive some sort of consensus and policy in regard to response to the welfare of children in communal living. Some advanced thinking is needed here.  Remember Waco? 

The state turns its head the other way in regard to the plural marriage of old men to minor girls. It needs to look straight at this circumstance and deal with it. This is a conflict between the two magisteria that oversee marriage- religion and the state.  The Texas legislature needs to set clear policy that relieves law inforcement from having to interpret how existing law is to be enforced.