There was an interesting interview of SCOTUS Associate Justice Antonin Scalia on MSNBC by Tim Russert. The normally reclusive Scalia is on a media circus tour touting his new book Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading a Judge.  Like Lao Tzu or Machiavelli, Scalia is revealing his innermost thoughts on how to behave.  The comments submitted on the Law Blog are interesting. Snarky, perhaps, but revealing.

Scalia said an interesting thing in the interview. He opined that too many of America’s best and brightest are drawn to the legal profession. He conceded that the field of law is fundamentally unproductive and that to have so many bright people drawn to it was a waste of talent that could be applied more industriously.

Regarding the Bush v. Gore matter, we’re advised to “get over it”.