If most of us had a dog that behaved in the unwholesome manner that radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh does, we would have it euthanized at the humane society. Limbaugh of course is the GOP’s grotesque and doctrinaire cartoon character and resident mad dog.  Limbaugh has been promoting the idea that conservative voters slyly vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries so as to aid her delivery to the electorate for the general election as the Democratic candidate. As the thinking goes, this will polarize voters and drive panicked undecided or inactive voters to the polls like nails to a magnet to vote for whomever the opposing party offers.

Voting is one of the most important acts we commit as citizens. To soil it with cunning and subterfuge in this manner is to disfigure ones standing as a citizen. It is simply wrong and Limbaugh should be widely condemned for his part in it.  I’m thinking tar and feathers. Or, tar and packing peanuts.