It is our custom to view the fireworks show from a certain spot. It is not the best possible spot for viewing. It is a very convenient spot, however. Th’ Gaussling has a deep aversion to crowds. Near the local fairgrounds where the fireworks are launched is a movie theater. We park near a grassy spot and then go to the 7 pm showing so that, when the movie is over, we just stroll out to the grassy spot and wait 15 minutes for the fireworks to begin.  Last nights movie was “Hancock“. 

My subjective and after-the-fact test for the value of a movie is this binary criterion- is it worth a regular admission ticket, yes / no? In the case of Hancock, I would say yes to the ticket. I would caution that it may not be worth an additional US$14.75 worth of soda and popcorn.

On the other hand, I would say that Wall*e is worth both the price of a ticket and an obscenely priced coke from the snack bar. But continue to sneak in the Milk Duds.