August 5, 2008, Gallup, NM. Woke up in a cheap motel in Gallup this morning to the sound of crime scene investigators working up a scene 2 doors down. Something serious happened. Detectives milling about while 3 fellows in rubber gloves were handling evidence on the hood of their car. They had some sort of kit and were busy running their procedure. Somebody had a bad day.

Update. According to the lady at the desk, somebody expired in their room. The police were doing their routine schtick looking for signs of foul play.

Today we drove north on Route 666 491 through the Navajo Nation to a geometric point of interest where 4 states collide.

The Navajo’s charge $3/head for access to this geopolitical point. It is a remote spot where imaginary lines intersect. You can buy fry bread and refrigerator magnets in the numerous kiosks.

Things overheard at 4-Corners: The Navajo lady in the information shack was explaining (rather proudly) to a tourist from Toledo that the Utes refer to the Navajo as “Head Bashers” and “Bloody Knives”.  Hmmm. Some bad blood there.