22 August, 2008.  It is a remarkable collapse in pricing. Rhodium has fallen from a high of US$10,100/toz (toz = troy ounce) in early June of 2008 to opening price of US$3950/toz on 21 August, 2008, on the EIB.  Bad news from automotive manufacturers General Motors, BMW, and Nissan is cited by Reuters and posted on Mineweb as the principle cause of the collapse. According to Reuters, the automotive industry accounts for 80 % of the demand for rhodium. 

Other reasons are cited as contributing to the price fall.  Electrical distribution problems interrupting mine activities has reportedly eased, reducing the jitteryness of buyers.

The rhodium market is small and illiquid, and few traders are prepared to speculate on a floor for prices.

The metal’s recent price falls have been blamed by some traders on forward selling, or hedging, by producers. If this is the case, the market should stabilise as these sales tail off.

Mineweb, 15 August, 2008

Ruthenium prices have been sitting at US$300/toz for months now. Apparently the news that sparked the major uptick in Ru prices last year has failed to produce real demand.

Gold opened on the EIB yesterday at US$835.57/toz. This is down considerably from mid July, no doubt adding some tarnish to the spate of ads urging consumers to buy gold.

Palladium has fallen to US$295/toz from the recent high of US$480/toz in mid June of ’08. This is good news for the chemical industry and chemical researchers.

Finally, Platinum has seen a price decline as well, opening at US$1465/toz against the Feb ’08 high of US$2275/toz. This is also good news for the chemical industry. Hopefully chemical buyers are in a position to hedge their PGM positions a bit.