Until last night, I thought that an Obama win was uncertain only by how big the margin would be. After listening to the speech by VP candidate Palin, I’m not so sure now.  Palin delivered what can only be regarded as a superb speech in terms of a crisp delivery and scrappy rhetorical barbs. With the best speech writers PAC money can buy, and with a large dollop of natural Ability, she delivered at the big event. Check out Mudflats for a fun post.

The St. Paul event center was packed to the rafters with plump, pasty-faced plutocrats and a few blond Barbie-Doll delegates within easy camera range. Conventions are engineered specifically for television and both the DNC and RNC have talented empressarios to put on a memorable show.

No matter what you think of any of the candidates, it is bound to be an interesting home stretch to election day.