University of Leicester, UK.  John Bond, a reseacher at the University of Leicester and consultant to the Northamptonshire Police, suggests that criminals who consume fast foods leave fingerprints that are corrosive. Dr. Bond says that enhanced levels of salt in processed foods can lead to sweaty fingerprints that are more corrosive to metals.

Dr Bond said: “On the basis that processed foods tend to be high in salt as a preservative, the body needs to excrete excess salt which comes out as sweat through the pores in our fingers.

“So the sweaty fingerprint impression you leave when you touch a surface will be high in salt if you eat a lot of processed foods -the higher the salt, the better the corrosion of the metal.”

Dr. Bond went on to say that there was an “indirect link” to obesity and the chances of being caught in a crime. Bond says that corrosion due to fingerprints may be helpful in the tracking of terrorists whose bombs are fragmented from the explosion.