Pity Larimer County in northern Colorado. We poor sods who live here find ourselves sandwiched between two unexploited deposits of natural mineral wealth. To the east of Fort Collins, near the hamlet of Nunn, is a fairly large uranium ore body. In the northwest, there may be an exploitable diamond deposit. Perhaps hundreds of Kimberlite pipes may be lying in the CO/WY region waiting to be exploited.

Diamonds have already been mined in northern Colorado, near the Wyoming border. The Kelsey Lake diamond mine closed in 2002 due to bankruptcy. The Kelsy Lake mine produced the 5th largest diamond ever found. The yield of the formation is reportedly 4 carats per 100 metric tons of ore.

Given that the Colorado Front Range has been substantially gentrified, the discovery of mineral wealth in the vicinity of hobby ranchers and McMansions will make for some interesting times for the county commissioners. Uranium and Diamonds. NIMBY.

Stealers Wheel Video 1972.