Where is the Decider President? He sent his creepy surrogate, Dick “Rasputin” Cheney, slinking around to urge members of congress to support the bailout plan, but where is George?.  I suppose Bush II is lying low to avoid casting the long shadow of the GOP on this banking train wreck.

But it’s just so striking; in the run up to the largest business bailout in the history of the solar system, Secretary Paulson’s boss is strangely absent. No frank and heartfelt talk with the American people. All the Bush administration can do is to attempt to hustle congress into a mysterious plan. Take our plan on faith- we know what we are doing.

No details have been released to the citizens regarding how this number, $0.7 trillion, was arrived at. Is this large sum actually large enough? How does the country recoup this outlay?  Is the stated urgency related to the election?

Citizens must learn to save more cash and be smarter about the terms of the mortgage they sign. We must consider that our banking system is much like the municipal water system- it’s integrity must be scrupulously maintained and those who manage it must be held accountable for its operation.

Update:  Bush II will make an announcement to the nation this evening. I wonder if there will be any folksy anecdotes?