I have no real expertise in banking or real estate. Neither fields hold much interest for me. But I am interested in failure behaviour of large complex systems. There are a few posts out there that hold better than average insights on the current financial mess and I wanted to post links to them.

Jim Kunstler‘s blog, the full name of which is a bit too coarse to post here. None-the-less, Kunstler writes one of the best blogs out there on business topics.

Georgetown Law Faculty Blog has posted part of an article intended for the banking community. It is lifted from the American Banker which, sadly for me, requires a subscription. The theme supports my contention that business- banking included- should be treated as part of contemporary anthropology rather than an abstract exercise in arithmetic.

Business isn’t just an math exercise. There is a lot of anthropology to it. Unfortunately, anthropology isn’t on the curriculum of most MBA programs.  MBA’s worry me. They seem to be hustling the rest of us into an Orwellian future with methodologies taught by faculty members who are more interested in tidy formalisms than people. 

There are a lot of cocky bastards in business who are always certain, but frequently wrong. This banking mess is an example of what happens when they achieve a quorum. In fact, I think they have ascended to the level of mythical archetype.