Reports have been circulating that the US Mint has suspended the sales of gold coins. The mint has been experiencing unprecedented demand for gold and silver coins. A short list of favored dealers has been drawn up for distribution of the limited supply.

What is curious about this is that the US Mint has “suspended” sales rather than simply announcing that it has a backlog. Only the govenrment would respond to demand in this way. I understand that minting gold coins is not nearly as automated and fast as base metal coins. But by their manner of responding to the demand, they can only accelerate the rise in price for these coins.

I have captured a snapshot of PGM pricing from the BASF EIB website. I hope BASF isn’t too hacked off.

The Canadian Maple and South African Krugerrand gold coins are available, as far as I can tell from internet sources.

Of interest to the catalyst world is the falling price of Palladium. The chart below is scaled to show the price of bullion for the last 12 months. This is surely a kind of economic indicator affording a clue as to the vitality of some particular and narrow market sector.

I wonder where the opportunities are in this difficult time? Now is a good time to keep your head on a swivel for unique opportunity.