The rhyme of history is ringing in my ears. An obscure, slender figure (sans stove pipe hat) has arrived from Illinois amidst the shattered remains of the Whig party.  Alright, that’s an exaggeration.

Our do-nothing, know-nothing warrier prince is nowhere to be seen. The Republican Paradigm, under the leadership of its very own cartoon character- Dubya- has had the misfortune of leaving its greasy fingerprints all over the collapsing financial system. And it’s not just politicians who have left their grubby smudges all over the shards of Grandma’s bone china. It includes the rank & file junior plutocrat-wannabe’s and MBA greedheads under the cloak of the GOP who have gamed the system with zero regard for its stability.

The great benefit of Laissez Faire as a moral philosophy is that one is excused from moral culpability. Nobody expects you to behave honorably because morality is orthogonal to the market. There is no overlap. You are expected to be self-centered and greed is just the normal operating condition. It’s all good, baby.

Mr Bush has not stepped forward to offer advice or reassurance to the citizenry. Bush is brave when he can order the Army to march in somewhere. But if the problem involves math, lookout.   And where is Mr Rove, Bush’s brain? I suppose he is absent because he is a specialist in election, not governance. He just delivers these disasters to the Whitehouse. He evidently holds little or no indemnity for his work.

Instead, this ideological weasel, this scoundrel-in-chief, is hunkered down out of sight during the election so as to avoid contaminating McCain/Palin with the foetid stink of GOP incompetence.

The framers of the constitution apparently never anticipated that the republic could be run aground by a frat-boy imbecile egged on by a pack of greedy, morally vacuous, shady characters from the military-industrial-finance-fundamentalist “sector”. 

The US constitution needs a provision for mid-term ejection of incompetent fools.