Wallstats.com has an excellent graphic display of the 2009 US federal budget. It is worth a look. The graphic also displays the variances for the 2009 fiscal year. It is useful for finding out what was padded and what was shaved.

What in the hell is going on at Blacklight Power? How does this stuff work? Does it actually work?

Jim Kunstler is not persuaded that the economic crisis has bottomed out. Bob Reich suggests that if they’re too big to fail, then they are just too big. Alan Greenspan found a flaw.

Aye laddie, the pipes. Here is a link to a mass bagpiping in Estes Park in 2006. Th’ Gaussling was actually in attendance that day: I’m the guy in the green shirt across the field. 700 Bagpipers in CalgaryRed Hot Chili PipersEdinburgh Military Tatoo.

Then there is Everlasting Blort.  What else can I say?