Wow. Colorado became a blue state overnight. I wasn’t sure I’d live to see it. There is a big brooder nest of archconservatives in Colorado Springs as well as numerous Christian fundamentalist conservative organizations. The Springs has become a center of fear and loathing for frightened uberconservatives.  For a time they dominated the state government. Pity about the Springs. It is such a lovely place.

Boulder is famous within Colorado for being the states liberal, iconoclastic, and bohemian center. I’d say that characterization was true at one time. It was hit hard by the hippy movement in the 1960’s and in some ways never recovered. Today the town has become so ossified with wealthy and obstreperous gentry that the city has become one large home owners association of preening fussbudgets. The town has immobilized itself with municipal code to the point where only the very wealthy can build anything. Aspenization, some call it.

Jeepers. I remember when the Danskins movement hit Boulder. Those were the days.  Boulder fancies itself a laid-back, liberal Mecca, much like the Bay Area of CA, but in fact there is as much neurotic handwringing there as anywhere else.

So Colorado has a kind of dipolar condition wherein a political phase shift happens every generation or so. We have just witnessed a rebuke of Bush-Cheney conservatism and a switch to the blue phase.