Interested in building an astronomical observatory in your hometown? Have a look at Observatory 101.  No pictures, but because I know the parties in the article, I can certify that there are excellent bits of advice for those keen on building a community observatory. Remember, square buildings are easier to construct than round buildings. It’s a rectilinear world.

What does it take to be in the upper few percentile in life? No, really. What does it take? See what Malcom Gladwell thinks about it. Plan to set aside 10,000 hours.

Tired of people incessantly humping your leg wanting this or that? Check out this USB accessory. If this is too much for your puritanical sensibilities, try the USB aroma therapy gadget and chill out. Check out ThinkGeek. Lots of cool stuff.

Are you torqued about the Lieberman situation? I know I am. So yell at somebody about it.

Quit whinin’ about yer pathetic cell phone coverage and get ta buildin’ yerself sumkinda antenna to boost the gal’ durn signal.

Blanchard sells gold coinage for those flush with cash.  Load up on Krugerrands.

Need the straight dope on radioisotopes? Check out the list of monograph at the link.