Getting buy-in from a diverse cast of characters is one of the between-the-lines features of  my job description. Everyone has this problem to some extent. I will admit that I’m quite lucky- Instead of having a single type of difficult character, I have a wide variety of  them. I should feel blessed.

Problem solving is one of the activities where divergence commonly occurs. I’m pushing for this, you are pushing for that. The usual stuff. You advance your arguments and they stand or fall on their merit. But in the end, there has to be convergence. We all have to agree on a path forward.

But what to do if you are the only one trotting out ideas? What if there is another form of problem solving where one person advances an idea and everyone else spends their creative faculties lobbing bombs at it and citing reasons why it shouldn’t be tried? Rather than posing alternatives, the negativist op-poses but is unable to pro-pose.

I will confess that this relates to one of the great disappointments of adult life.  A lot of ones adult cohorts reach a tidy level of comfort early in their lives and stay there for the duration. Many people are terrified to leave their comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side. Wading into unfamiliar territory and trying to build a structure amidst the reeds and swamp creatures. Intellectual land lubbers are fearful of residing outside of known space.

I have have a long list of  weaknesses and  limitations as well. I doubt that I’ll be quitting my job to live in a hut in Phuket and tend bar, fun as that might be.