Some folks get more than 15 minutes of fame. Case in point- Joe the Plumber.  The career arc of Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher continues to cover new terrain, this time landing him a gig with Fox News as a correspondent specializing in media bias. Joe’s impeccable credentials as just plain folks and his compelling profile has caught the attention of the News Department at Fox. His brush with the McCain-Palin juggernaut was possibly helpful as well.

Joe has been sent abroad to investigate disturbing reports of liberal American media bias. News organizations covering the freedom crusade being waged in the middle east by George II have been less than forthcoming about our inherent righteousness.

This regular Joe has been imbedded in the field to faithfully report the unvarnished truth in a manner recognizable to the sensibilities of the Everyman. And since Fox News has a special knack for speaking truth, Joe was anointed by these Sons of Murdoch to follow the star of freedom eastward and bring back the truth to quench the thirst of a nation parched for hopeful news.

Alright. I’ve finished my lampoon. Joe has become a cartoon character but doesn’t seem to be aware of it yet. There must be some kind of PT Barnum character in Joe’s life who is milking the media’s tongue-in-cheek fascination with him.

I sincerely hope that something good might come from Joe’s expedition to Israel. But there seems to be little original analysis possible for the sad and tragic situation between Israeli Jews and the nascent Muslim caliphate. Each party claims a special relationship with the Diety and, accordingly, each has no option but to prevail.