Notes from the Field-

There appears to be a movement in the gun and rocket propellant field away from perchlorates.  Propellants that are comprised of substances that pose minimal potential for the dispersal of adverse and environmentally persistant substances are referred to as “green propellants”.  Substances that qualify as adverse include arylamines, perchlorates, and certain rheology modifiers. Substances that are thought to be endocrine disrupters have been specially targeted for replacement.

While it may seem absurd to attempt to produce a weapon system having a reduced toxic signature, the  fact is that between practice projectiles and warshots, a good deal of hazardous residues are released in the use of these devices. Reducing the chemical environmental insult is a step in the direction of reduced collateral damage.

One expert in the area of perchlorates said that people with adequate iodine intake shouldn’t worry about perchlorate contamination of water. Hmmm. While that may be true, it sounds like a poor basis for policy.