This morning we moved our set into the theatre that we will be performing in for the next two weekends. This is my first acting performance in a decent theatre. It has clean dressing rooms below the stage and reasonably up-to-date lighting and sound capability. The theatre seats 400 and has been well refurbished over the last few years.

We have a tech crew running the lights and sound, a props & costume crew for scene changes, a makeup person, a set builder, and a few other gofers who handle the 10,000 details. All we have to do is remember our lines and avoid falling into the orchestra pit. The lead character has been sick for the last 10 days, so the producers have been nervous. He is a quantum computing physicist who happens to dig acting. The physicist gets the girl. The chemist gets to shout at people and whittle.

Last friday’s local paper featured a full page closeup of me, Th’ Gaussling, hamming it up on stage. Mother of pearl! Today’s thrill of standing on the set and looking into the auditorium was soon replaced by waves of nausea at the realization that this thing is really going to happen. Holy smokes. What have I done?