Hard to believe- our show starts in just a few hours. I’ve given my 2 comp tickets to family. Folks are forkin’ over real money to sit and watch us do this thing. Ticket sales have been strong, so everyone is jazzed. If anything, the cast is a bit over rehearsed. We’re happy just to get the thing going. The sound and lighting cues are set.

Th’ Gaussling plays a sugar beet farmer, which ain’t much of a stretch, havin’ growed up on an Iowa hog and corn farm. Turns out that my step-mother grew up on a beet farm in this area and is aware of the Greeley WWII POW camp’s location. There were supposedly ~155 POW camps in the US by the end of the war.

Beets Poster

It is a decent story and certainly makes for a good dramatic situation. My part is a minor role, though I am in 5 scenes. In terms of the storytelling, my character is a device contrived by the writer to make sure that certain information gets on the table so the audience can get the facts and circumstances in context. This is part of the playwriters craft that I had failed to appreciate previously.

It is a good play and I am lucky to have been a part of it. Quiet backstage!