Spent the better part of the day hunting snipe in the chemical literature. I’ve been looking for some English language literature relating to the Yoshida explosive potential correlation between DSC heat of formation and DSC onset temperature. I have some sketchy relationships from Yoshida in Chemical Abstracts CAN 108:58900 –

Shock Sensitivity = log (QDSC) – 0.72*log(TDSC-25) – 0.98

Explosive Potential = log (QDSC) – 0.38*log(TDSC-25) – 1.67

QDSC is the magnitude of the exotherm as measured by DSC (presumably in J/g, not J/mol), and TDSC is the onset temp also determined by DSC. A separate reference suggests that compositions with EP>0 are potentially explosive.

I want some better grounding in the assumptions going into the correlation before I pony up my own results. This is potentially a very useful relationship in reactive hazards work and something I can do in the lab myself.

It’s a pity I do not speak Japanese since much of the cited work is in Kogyo Kayaku and in Japanese.


Ever pondered the merits of mixing up a batch of N5 salt? Polynitrogen chemistry. Yikes. Check out this link (rather large).