Holy smokes. Who’da thought that Pakistan’s western frontier would fold like a lawn chair to an invasion of jabbering, hairy, religious freaks? Someone has commented that while most countries have an army, Pakistan was really an army that had a country. It is difficult to understand the dynamics of this part of the world and how Pakistan could allow the Taliban warriers such a generous incursion.

North Korea is another army that has a country. As bad as the Pakistan situation is and no matter how belligerent the Iranians are, I suspect it will be North Korea who pops off the first nuclear warshot since Nagasaki. The question is, will it be against Japan, South Korea, or the US Navy? 

Then there is China which is apparently in possession of anti-ship ballistic missile technology (ASBM). This capability basically nullifies US superiority in force projection in the China Sea by our carrier fleet. US surface ships are helpless against attack by smart ballistic missiles raining in at Mach 10 or whatever the particular hypervelocity is.

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2 responses to “Talibanistan

  • John

    Heh. Didn’t these guys once follow a Greek guy by the name of Alexander? Tells you what they know.

    Interesting chart of the day. Typically they move up together. The VIX is commonly known as the fear index. Gld is the gold ETF.


    Note gold is tracking oil more closely (as it typically does), but the rise in gold against the VIX tells me there’s strong demand despite the ‘green shoots’ sprouting everywhere.


    The recent rise in the ten year treasury indicates the FED is losing it’s fight with keeping down interest rates by buying treasuries. Indicates fear of inflation.

  • Uncle Al

    480,000 acres of Afghani poppy fields (Officially invisible to US satellite, aircraft, and ground telemetries) flow their product through Pakistan SOP. How is that for motivation? (Biodiesel from corn, 18 gal/acre. Biodiesel from poppy seed, 124 gal/acre.)

    The Korean war never ended. A ceasefire/ armistice was signed on 27 July 1953, unilaterally cancelled by Noth Korea on 27 May 2009. President Obama needs no Congresscritter’s permission for lawful nuclear reprisal, transforming North Korea into Yucca Flats,

    The aegis goatskin was an emblem of Zeus’s power, a magical object. He gave it to Athena, Greek Goddess of wisdom. Attached to its front was the head of Medusa (now, Darth Cheney). Don’t look behind the curtain.

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