First, my apologies to John Milton for my self-indulgent bastardization of a line of his prose.

Gaussling’s TOE (theory of everything) suggests that the universe will continue to exist until every strange occurrence that can happen, will happen. Perhaps the Hindu’s thought of this first … I don’t know. Anyway, we are one bit of strangeness closer to doom now that Snoop Dogg and Buzz Aldrin have cut a hip hop song. If I weren’t too cheap to pay for a download, I’d comment further on it.

Roger Ebert has captured the words I have been searching for to describe Bill O’Reilly and his ilk. My hat is off to Mr. Ebert for getting it right.  I think it is time to thin out the herd.

Eruption of Sarychev Volcano as seen from ISS

Eruption of Sarychev Volcano as seen from ISS

The photo above is from Nasa’s Earth Observatory web site and was taken by an ISS astronaut. Note the whitish pyroclastic flow radiating to the 5 o’clock direction. The Sarychev volcano is located on the Kuril Islands north of Japan.