July 3, 2009, Wasilla, Alaska.  Governor Sarah Palin announced her intent to resign from the office of Governor of Alaska. The governor took great care to explain that her continued presence in office was costing taxpayers considerable tax money as well as time lost as she responds to inquiries into her personal affairs.

Standing with her family by her side Gov. Palin said at the outdoor press conference that her family had unanimously voted in agreement that she should stand down from her position as Alaska Governor eighteen months ahead of her term limit. Governor Palin then announced that she would be meeting with leaders of the GOP over so-called articles of confederation. 

When  asked to clarify what she meant by “articles of confederation”, the Governor declined to elaborate.

In response to repeated inquiries, R. Eric Lee, a spokesman for the RNC, held a short phone conference and denied any knowledge of  “articles of confederation” or any movement toward a confederacy “by or on behalf of the GOP”.  

“Anyway,” Mr. Lee continued, ” Speaker Newt Gingrich advises that the word ‘confederation’ is inaccurate and obsolete.”  Lee refused to answer any further questions and promptly halted the interview.