Th’ Gausslings basement is slowly being transformed into a home theater. I patched together a $450 Epson projector with a $38 DVD player and an old stereo with a faulty CD unit that had fallen into disuse to give a system that throws a decent image.  Once I put up the screen I scavenged from some inlaws, the image quality and brightness will improve a bit. But as it stands, the image brightness and resolution on a clean and smooth wall are certainly passable.

Now that the components have been assembled, I’ll begin to put up curtains, seating, and masking to isolate the image from the unused raster from the projector.  In order to conserve the lamp lifetime, I’ll avoid connecting video feed from the satellite TV system to slow the accumulation of hours on the projector lamp.

One thing that burns my a** is having to pay for excess capacity. A bit of hillbilly engineering provides a rudimentary but serviceable system. Used theater seats can be found on the internet for $100-300 each. A theater space can be partitioned off with adjustable hanging curtains to provide a dark viewing environment and beneficial acoustics.