There is a website by the Manhattan Airport Foundation dedicated to the proposition that Central Park in New York City be converted into a regional airport. From their press release-

NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2009 – For the past three years The Manhattan Airport Foundation has been quietly laying the groundwork to provide New Yorkers with a most fundamental urban amenity: access to viable air transportation. And today, TMAF releases its much-anticipated Stage One call for entries to a hand-picked group of top architecture firms worldwide in what is sure to be one of the most closely-watched design competitions in recent memory.

This has to be some kind of a joke. What a horrible place for an airport. Even if the people of NYC consent to the loss of a large greenspace in the middle of their high density glass and steel jungle, there is the issue of air traffic. Do these people understand how loud jet aircraft can be? Someone should remind them that Hong Kong was so anxious to be rid of their mid-town airport that they built an artificial island to put it on. Imagine jet traffic lumbering in on final approach over the tops of the buildings in Manhattan? It might even drown out the sound of honking taxis.

Even better, imagine the noise of jets on departure, clawing for altitude at full power trying to get out of the Manhattan airspace? Imagine the the roar of jet engines reflecting off of the skyscrapers from 777’s and other heavies on their takeoff rolls. Power failure on takeoff? The skyscrapers downrange will absorb the impact energy.

Yep, this has to be a gag of some kind. Imagine someone actually trying it? Pffft!