It has finally happened. The Cohen Mint in NYC began offering a Rhodium coin in May 2009. This silvery PGM, once familiar only to a few Poindexters in the catalyst lab, has now become one of the coins of the investor realm. Available as a one gram coin, the initial price came in below $100 ea. Today, as Rh bullion prices jet upwards, these coins should be following the market upwards as demand for automotive catalytic converters inevitably rises.

The Cohen Mint also produces palladium and platinum coins in small but affordably weighted denominations.

I cannot estimate the relative merits of hoarding Rh or Pd relative to Au, Ag, and Pt, other than to say that these two metals seem to be somewhat less volatile in pricing relative to the three more widely traded precious metals.

Gold, silver, and platinum are substantially placed in the jewelry market as well as the investment market as the physical metal and paper instruments. This kind of exposure to global trading makes their pricing a bit twitchy and subject to global neurosis.

Given the scarcity of Indium and Neodymium, I wouldn’t be surprised to see coins made from them. Or at least as foils wrapped around a chocolate center. \:-)