A company called Atair Aerospace offers an autonomous parachute system comprised of self-guided chutes that, according to the site, are able to avoid one another in multiple drop scenarios. Thus the need for “flocking algorithms”. The company claims a ~57 m accuracy in some of its parachute dropping systems.  The company also makes an Inertial Measuring Unit that combines input from GPS, inertial, and barometric sensors, all in a package the size of a Buffalo wing.

Interesting quote from the Daily Kos

> For all of our bad-assity—all our guns and nukes and soldiers and cops and black helicopters and warrantless surveillance and militias and tough talk and the fact that our private citizenry is armed to the teeth with every type of firepower imaginable, we sure scare easily. Half the stuff over which we tremble is a figment of our own overactive imaginations. But one thing is as real as it is backwards: we fear our government, but our government does not fear us.

> Our media is so afraid to offend anyone that they go out of their way to give both sides of an issue equal weight, even if one of those sides is either factually incorrect or batshit crazy…thus slowing down our progress as a country even more.

Ah, yeah. Pretty much.