The movie District 9 opened friday in the US. It is a SciFi action picture with an abundance of aliens and action. The story takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and deftly folds in the country’s history of aparteid and cross border dispute into the structure of the storyline.

The style of cinematography is somewhere between Saving Private Ryan and Cloverfield.  Most of the shots are from handheld camera work and the definition is low color density and a bit grainy. I’m guessing that this may be advantageous for CGI rendering, and to my eyes, adds considerably to the realism.

I won’t spoil the storyline. But I will say that it is quite violent with an abundance of Afrikaaner F-bombs and, in my opinion, not suitable for the under 16 crowd.

It really isn’t a “date movie”. Fellows, this is unlikely to make for a memorable evening for your date. After the (n + 1)th Prawn gets wasted, cell phones will come out and text messages will get checked. A sure sign of boredom.

All in all, I recommend that SciFi fans see it on a big screen. It is quite well done with an intriguing story and excellent visuals.