I paid to have the TDC crank sensor replaced on the Jeep recently. I guess I should pay more attention to these things- I had no freakin’ idea this sensor existed. Just clueless.  Evidently this is a weak link in the design of the Cherokee. I’m glad it didn’t fail when I was 4 wheelin’ recently. Crikey! Extracting that thing from near timberline would’ve been a minor ordeal.

Today’s automotive adventure is to go to the Nissan dealer so I can have a bloody key made. Turns out that there is more to the modern ignition key than just bumps on a metal tab. These keys contain a transponder chip that is somehow interrogated for the proper code by RF. It immobilizes the car if the proper key is not present.

It is a nothing more than a way to increase the cash flow to dealers over the life of the car. No doubt it is just a bone Nissan threw to its dealer corps. I’d like to throw something at all of them …