August 27, 2009. Guapo, AZ.  The American Placebo Manufacturers Association concluded their annual meeting today. The meeting was hosted by the McCain Center for Advanced Placebo Research at Pultroon University.  The meeting included a symposium series on placebo research as well as an exhibition featuring state of the art placebo pill presses.

Noteworthy was a report on a general rise in placebo effectiveness seen across the industry. While the cause is uncertain, it was agreed that the trend was good for the industry.

In general, the conferees were divided into two camps – those advocating OTC availability and those for prescription-only. The prescription-only speakers made a strong economic case for prescription control of placebos.

“The only way to maintain profitable operation is to control the distribution by physician prescriptions” said Dr. Robert Stiphey, Director of Fauxpharmacy at Flaton Pharmaceuticals.  Stiphey is convinced that an over the counter offering of placebos would lead to a rapid collapse in prices and drive premium placebo manufacture to Central America or Asia. “OTC distribution would be a financial disaster” Stiphey remarked.

Spiratu Health Systems is a New Jersey based health care company planning a placebo based system of clinics and hospitals along the Atlantic coast. Emily Eubangelotos, President of Spiratu Health Systems, said that two fauxpharmaceutical clinics opened in the Atlantic City area in the second quarter with more openings planned over the next two years. “We’re offering a low cost alternative to high priced medicine” Eubangelotos said.

Veternary placebos have been on the market for many years. A black market has developed in the human use of these animal placebos. Indeed, some of them have proven to be actual drugs capable of arresting disease and pain in humans. Placebo manufacturers have lobbied for years to keep blackmarket veternary placebos off the streets.