I’m beginning to understand how a northern citizen might have felt in the years leading the the American Civil War. It must have been a time of realization. A time when it became apparent that within the geographic boundaries of the United States there were two incompatible nations. A nation is defined by more than geography- it is a unity of history and cultural attributes. The southern states who would eventually form the Confederacy were united in a way of life, a particular view of states rights, and an economic system that relied upon slave labor for favorable economics.

North and south fought a brutal war that finally ground the Confederacy into submission. The north prevailed by virtue of the ability to project sustained force. The south remained in the union, but latent anger and attitudes on racial dominance remain to this day.

Obviously, the electonic media have amplified the 9/12 march on Washington DC in the freakshow manner they are known for. But I sense that our country is experiencing a kind of phase transition in this period. The GOP is allowing itself to be represented by show business clowns like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. These and other entertainers are taking the GOP propaganda battle to our livingrooms and to drive-time broadcasting. But they are merely contractors. The media market is financially rewarding them for their performances. The greater the exaggeration and outrageous claims, the greater the audience share and value to the advertisers.

But these guys are not just obnoxious gasbags. They are very canny. Fans who listen with rapt attention as Limbaugh referred to Jimmy Carter as a hemorrhoid will dwell longer and for the same reason as gawkers will stare at the two headed snake or Eddie, the dog faced boy. This is a benchmark of our civilization.

I really thought that the GOP was more of a class act than the freakshow hawkers they have proven to be. The GOP has shown more aptitude for War Lord tactics than statesmanship. Conservatives respect power.  The democrats have proven to be mere cows who stand immobilized while the mongrel dogs orchestrating GOP maneuvers have their way with large sections of the electorate.

If the Dems understood GOP-style power, they would have been hosting boot parties to kick GOPers while they are down. Instead, they tried the silly strategy of compromise. It is not in the nature of the contemporary GOP to accept that the voters put dems in power. It is just not in their radar.

While the current political freakshow entertains while it disappoints, the important lesson remains unspoken. The USA is not the advanced and enlightened civilization that it fancies itself to be. Insead, we appear to be naked and obese  apes with too many weapons and imbibing too much high fructose corn syrup. Rather than buckle down and work hard at building civilization, we get arrogant and strut around with our hearts on our sleeves.

It seems to me that there is a kind embryonic New Confederacy movement stirring about now. The confederate disdain for taxes and centralized, federal government is alive and well. It’s just that nobody has actually said it in the open yet. But that may happen as disaffected middle aged, tea bagging WASP’s continue to get organized. Something is up.