We’re finishing the third weekend of the 4 weekend run of our play, Room Service. After 6 weeks of rehearsal and 7 shows to date, the cast is getting a  bit tired.  Even the director is thinking about the next show.

Stepping on stage in character with a paying audience sitting there is a very sobering thing to do. Botched lines or less than enthusiastic performance reflects poorly on everyone. As a cast and crew, we all struggle to maintain the suspension of reality.

Backstage there is no goofing around or bullshitting. Everyone is focused on their parts and silent, mostly. There are a few remarks, but that is it.

I skipped over a few lines last night, but the other actor deftly patched the holes with plausible lines and I folded back into the script a few lines downstream.  It was fairly seamless, but importantly I didn’t faint or stand there dumbstruck.  My fellow players didn’t comment, thankfully.